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Voiped Telecom offers tailored ICT business connectivity solutions in Internet connectivity, network services, and IP Telephony for companies in Europe and beyond.

At Voiped Telecom we offer agile and robust telecommunications and Internet solutions that meet the individual needs of businesses in today's digitalized era, We deliver ICT solutions focal on high-speed connectivity, low latency, reliability, and specialized technical support for companies throughout Europe.

Yes, Voiped Telecom offers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. For both Voice and Connectivity services, we like to devise together with the customer the best offer to meet their needs.

We offer different speeds, depending on the location where the service needs to be delivered. In general, we offer connections ranging from 10 Mbps to connections of 1 Gbps or more.

For Voice services between 24-72 hours depending on the complexity of the project. In the case of connectivity, delivery times vary depending on the contracted service, contact us and we will be able to establish viable delivery times in accordance with your expectations.

We have different plans depending on each product, some with commitments and some without.

VoIP is the technology that allows calls to be made using the internet. It is more versatile and is usually cheaper than conventional phone lines. Among our VoIP services are virtual numbers from more than 120 countries, SIP Trunks, and Virtual PBX Portability.

Yes, our technical support team is available 24/7 to ensure your business is always connected.

Yes, we guarantee an uptime of 96-99% depending on the service to ensure the continuity of your operations.

We take care of our customers in every aspect and are constantly innovating to ensure our operations and those of our customers. We implement advanced security measures, including firewalls, 24/7 monitoring, and encryption protocols.

Yes. It's best to evaluate your current system to determine the best form of integration. If you want to know more, contact us.

We love to see our clients grow and we help them in it, through 100% scalable services. You can increase bandwidth or add more services as needed.

No. All costs are available in our contracts and service agreements. We advocate transparency in our relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Yes, we provide initial training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.

We have multiple redundancies across our points of presence in Europe, as well as an expert team to respond quickly and resolve any interruption in the shortest possible time.

It will depend on your current needs. In many cases, we can use existing hardware or provide cost-effective and durable options.

We perform scheduled upgrades and maintenance outside of business hours to minimize disruptions. Prior notification of the services that will be affected.

What steps do I need to take to hire your services? Simply contact us here or call us on +31 88 8000 500 and a member of our team will guide you through the process.

We offer flexible contracts, from monthly agreements to annual or multi-year contracts, depending on your needs.

Contact our sales team on +31 88 8000 500, email us at [email protected], or submit a request to us using our contact form.

Contact our sales team on +31 88 8000 500, email us at [email protected], or submit a request to us using our contact form.

We will keep you up to date throughout the provision of your order. We'll send you an email update when your order has been initiated and inform you by email notification of your order status

If an engineer needs to attend the installation site, our supplier will call or email the on-site contact you listed when you placed your order.

The ability to communicate is critical to your business. We can design multi-platform redundancies into your system to ensure complete coverage regardless of what happens. We can easily design our communication solution to align with your disaster recovery strategies.

Yes, at Voiped Telecom, we deliver seamless communications deployment between existing locations and your branch offices.

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