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Point-to-Point Fiber Connectivity

Point-to-Point Fiber Connectivity

What is point-to-point Fiber (P2P) Connectivity?

Voiped Telecom offers dedicated point-to-point (P2P) fiber optic technology for companies that require direct connections between external servers and local workstations. P2P technology is an ideal solution for connecting different buildings within a campus environment or establishing a highly available and secure connection to an external site. In addition, P2P technology provides a unique and secure private connection that ensures a seamless user experience as if both servers were on the same LAN. This technology also allows you to back up your data from a remote location.

By deploying a direct point-to-point (P2P) fiber connection, your company can access a reliable and secure data service. This service will enable you to use the Internet services that you require, such as VoIP, unified audio and video communications, private and hybrid cloud, data center connectivity, software-defined networks, file sharing, backup, and much more.

What are the advanatages of P2P Fiber Connectivity?

Does my organization need a P2P fiber connection?
  • Access to dedicated bandwidth 

  • Symmetric bandwidth 

  • Connect multiple buildings or branches

  • High availability and security

Point-to-point fiber connections are valuable in a wide range of use cases

  • Connecting multiple buildings on a corporate campus.
  • A need for high availability and security at remote workstations.
  • Very high bandwidth-per-port requirements.
  • Requirements for equal upload and download bandwidth.
  • Specialized security concerns or compliance requirements.

Does my organization need a P2P fiber connection?

If your business relies on fast and secure connectivity to multiple locations, Voiped Telecom's P2P Fiber connectivity solution provides future-proof technology, combined with robust and secure network connection.

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