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Phone Number Porting

What is Phone Number Porting? 

Phone number porting is the process of transferring your existing phone number from one Telecom service provider to another, whilst retaining the same phone number. At Voiped Telecom, we understand the importance of maintaining the phone numbers your customers already know and recognize.

Whether your business phone has a fixed line number, mobile number, or virtual number, porting your number is possible in most cases. At Voiped Telecom, our business number porting process is simple and efficient and we offer phone number porting in more than 40 countries worldwide.

When you've decided to port your business phone number, you can initiate the process by selecting your new VoIP provider, such as Voiped Telecom. To contract Voiped Telecom to port your business phone number, we'll require your current service details and will notify you each step of the way during the number porting process.

When your existing phone number has been successfully ported to Voiped Telcom, and activated in our VoIP system, you can immediately start reaping the additional features and benefits of an IP telephony business solution.

What are the advantages of Number Porting?

What are the advantages of phone number porting?

Porting your existing business phone number offers advantages such as:

  • Retaining your existing phone number.
  • Upgrade business communications providers.
  • Zero interruption.
  • Improved communications performance.
  • Lowered calling rates and fees.

What types of number portability options are available for your business?

The types of number portability options that Voiped Telecom offers are:

Fixed Line Number Portability: The subscriber retains their number when changing from one telecoms service provider to another, for example, porting an existing business directory of fixed numbers (local numbers) between telecommunications operators.

Mobile Number Portability: When a business consumer moves to another mobile operator, the new mobile network operator (MNO) will enable your company to formally use their SIM card without modification to its original telephone number, therefore having 'ported' the number.

VoIP Number Portability: When Porting your VoIP phone number(s) such as virtual number(s), you'll need, a list of all the numbers that you'd like to port, along with a letter of authorization that enables your new service provider to engage with your old service provider to initiate the number porting process.

Ready to port your number?

While porting phone numbers should be an easy process, sometimes there can be hiccups. At Voiped Telecom, we provide dedicated customer support during your number porting process. By selecting a reliable VoIP service provider, like Voiped Telecom, you ensure that your organization has a streamlined and successful phone number porting process.

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