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What is VoIP Telephony?

What is VoIP Telephony?

What is VoIP Telephony?

Over the past few years, the telecoms industry has undergone significant transformations. The traditional phone system has been superseded by a newer technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you're curious about VoIP and how it works, we encourage you to read this article in its entirety. It covers the primary distinctions between the two phone systems and provides an overview of how Internet voice protocol functions.

What are the differences between VoIP and IP Telephony?

Many people mistakenly believe that IP telephony and VoIP are interchangeable terms, but they actually have distinct differences. To fully comprehend the advantages of utilizing a virtual PBX for companies, it's essential to have a clear understanding of these communication systems. The telecommunications sector has greatly advanced with the introduction of IP PBX digital telephony. This technology facilitates the convergence of various systems such as voice, data, video, and multimedia by transmitting digitized voice through a network, usually a LAN. The analog voice is first converted to digital through a binary voice process in the case of a VoIP device. The software manages the signals and call routing using the IP protocol to transport the information.s and benefits:

  • Some experts argue that VoIP telephony refers only to sending voice traffic using an IP network. Meanwhile, IP telephony is a broader term that encompasses any communication service that is carried out using the IP protocol. This can include text messaging or faxing.
  • VoIP telephony passes the audio of a call through the Internet, while in IP telephony other types of services such as videoconferences, calls on hold, or call captures can also be carried out.
  • VoIP is much cheaper and offers a more streamlined infrastructure than IP. It is much better for any company because international calls are cheaper.
  • Another difference is the possibility of mobility offered by VoIP telephony. Gone is the phone fixed to the desk, because now this technology can be accessed using any device connected to the internet.
  • IP telephony is more linked to other tools that use the cloud. While VoIP is characterized by connectivity since it offers greater monitoring and greater productivity.

We already know the difference between VoIP and IP telephony and the reason why most companies and businesses opt, nowadays, for a VoIP telephony system.

Operation of the VoIP telephone system

The VoIP system uses the potential of the Internet protocol. The microphone has the ability to pick up sound waves and convert them into electrical signals using the driver, a piece of hardware. Likewise, the voice codecs, which are in the software, are capable of converting the electrical signal into a binary character code.

This allows a separation of the information packets that are transmitted from the computer, the router, the fiber optic cables, etc. Until now, analog telephone technology was only capable of sending information slowly. While the use of the internet favors faster shipping by simply issuing the order.

The debate between VoIP vs. IP telephony is served, but if you have any questions when installing a VoIP switchboard for your business, contact us! At Voiped Telecom, we have a professional team in the field that will advise you and answer all your questions.

Sep 09, 2021

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