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Dedicated Fiber Internet Access for Business in Barcelona

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Barcelona, an established digital ecosystem

Barcelona has become a hub for digital innovation and has attracted major multinationals to establish their global reference centers in the city. The Catalan capital offers an advanced 5G network, high digital talent, and good fiber infrastructure, making it an ideal location for tech startups to establish their businesses. The increasing adoption of digital technologies is transforming the economy of Catalonia, and Barcelona is one of the best digital ecosystems across Europe.

What are the benefits of Dedicated Fiber Internet Access in Barcelona?

Barcelona has become a hub for emerging technology companies in Europe ranking in the top 3 cities for digital innovation. However, these companies require full security, bandwidth, and privacy. Opting for dedicated fiber for companies is the best solution in such cases. Here are some advantages of selecting a  dedicated fiber Internet solution in Barcelona:

Dedicated line: With dedicated fiber, Internet access is exclusively reserved for the client. This means that the line is used by a single company, achieving a symmetrical up-and-down flow.

High speed: Dedicated fiber in Barcelona offered by Voiped Telecom reaches speeds of up to 1GB, allowing companies to hold high-quality video conferences or send large files without affecting the stability of users' connections.

Security: With dedicated fiber, advanced network security systems can be easily integrated. Voiped Telecom's dedicated fiber for companies in Barcelona allows you to connect international headquarters through Peering to achieve 100% security between data and operations.

Effective technical support: Voiped Telecom has a dedicated team of fiber specialists in Barcelona, ensuring optimal operation of dedicated fiber for companies. Contact us for any queries or support needed.

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