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Why do I need a Germany Virtual Number?

Having a German virtual number, country code +49 is key for any company that wants to gain international business reach by entering the German business market. Whether you operate a small business, large enterprise, or e-commerce store, companies that want to establish a presence in Germany without a physical location should consider getting a virtual German phone number. Having a virtual phone number in Germany enables your business to access the German business market by enabling phone calls to be directed to a German area code, such as Berlin +49 30, without incurring international calling costs. Virtual numbers in Germany also instill confidence in clients, making them ideal for eCommerce, customer service, business contact numbers, and contact centers. 

What are the benefits of investing in a Germany Virtual Phone Number?

  • Smooth Interaction between your business and customer base.
  • Call transfer, call routing, interactive voice response, call conferencing, call reporting, and more.
  • Target the German business market.
  • Boost sales conversion rates in Germany.

How to get a German phone number?

  • First, contact Voiped Telecom.
  • Select Germany as the country, along with the preferred area code.
  • Next, select your preferred type of German virtual number such as a toll-free or mobile.
  • Select a package and make the payment in a wide range of currency options.
  • Voiped Telecom assists you in configuring your virtual phone number, import your contacts, and start receiving calls.

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