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Argentina Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

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Why select a virtual phone number in Argentina?

With a virtual phone number in Argentina country code, +54, you can extend your customer base to cities in Argentina such as Buenos Aries, Córdoba, and Rosario to name a few. Creating a business presence in Argentina just got easier with Voiped Telecom's Argentina Virtual Phone Numbers for business. At Voiped Telecom we offer custom cloud-based phone numbers that allow you to set up call forwarding to an Argentinian mobile number, toll-free number, or national landline number. Accessed with Voiped Telecom's IP Telephony solution, optimize your business communications and extend your geographic reach.

What are the advantages of an Argentine virtual phone number?

  • Create a virtual offshore business presence in Argentina.
  • Extend your customer base to Argentina's primary destinations.
  • Device flexibility without a physical phone line installation.
  • Select numbers such as a local, toll-free phone number, or a mobile.
  • A quick and simple process with flexible payment options.

How to get a virtual phone number for Argentina

To activate a virtual phone number in Argentina's country calling code +54 is easy, and takes only a few minutes. Offering a wide range of phone number options such as a local national landline number, a toll-free phone number, or a mobile number, when you select your chosen prefix, our friendly team at Voiped Telecom will assign an Argentinian phone number and guide you through the activation process.


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