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Brazil virtual phone number

Being the fifth largest population on the globe, Brazil's large consumer market, trade accessibility, and interconnectivity make it a popular Latin American destination for companies around the globe to expand their business reach. Brazil's many popular business hubs such as Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasilia, or, Rio Grande do Sul are just a few of the destinations that your clients, partners and vendors can connect with you by calling your international virtual phone number.

What are the advantages of selecting a Brazil virtual number?

  • Reduced call costs by replacing the expense of an international call with that of a national call.
  • No need for a physical phone line installation.
  • SMS and WhatsApp availability.
  • Real-time call reporting, IVR, call back, smart dialer, and voicemail. 

How to get a Brazil Virtual Phone number for your business

Activating a Brazil virtual number, country code +55, enables your organization to receive calls from any destination in the world to a national landline number, mobile number, or a toll-free Brazilian phone number. Activated through Voiped Telecom's IP telephony service, your company can efficiently manage your call routing options to Brazil on a device such as a laptop or a phone. A DID number solution provides your company with the benefit of being able to create a commercial presence in Brazil without leaving your physical place of business.

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