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Internet Access for Business in Portugal

Accelerate your business growth, productivity, and customer experience in Portugal with high-performing Internet solutions. With good Internet connectivity being the vital link that connects the dots between an average experience and an exceptional one, get the best-fit Internet option and make your business stand out. Help your business stay ahead of the curve with a business Internet provider that goes the extra mile, just as you do for your customers.

High Speed, Low Latency Connectivity advantages

  • Scalable, high-availability connectivity
  • Flexible and customized deployment options
  • Industry backed SLAs
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Portugal and Cross-border connectivity

Internet solutions that fit your business

Gain a leading advantage with high-performance Internet access technologies designed to seamlessly accommodate and adapt to your growing business needs.

Dedicated Internet Access | Exclusive guaranteed bandwidth

Perfect for enterprises that rely on high-speed, continuous communications, one of the key advantages of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is its continuous stability and performance. Distinguished from a shared broadband Internet connection, DIA gives your organization a private, non-shared, leased Internet line instead of a standard Internet connection, which might experience slowdowns during high usage hours. This ensures you get consistent Internet speeds even when the network is busy. DIA guarantees that your online activities, from video conferencing to data transfers, go as planned, with high quality, high availability, and predictable Internet connectivity.

Key Features of Dedicated Internet Access

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for connectivity performance
Improved security and network protection
Symmetric upload and download speeds
Scalable bandwidth as your business needs grow
Guaranteed Internet and business continuity
Flexible deployment options such as Fiber and Ethernet Switched Access
24/7 proactive support

Broadband Internet | Efficient and reliable, fast-speed Internet

If you're a smaller business looking for a fast and reliable broadband Internet solution, experience a new standard of reliability and efficiency in Internet connectivity with business Broadband. Offering faster speed than a residential Internet connection, business-grade reliability ensures the seamless and uninterrupted experience that your important projects deserve. Whether you’re leveraging Business-VoIP-Cloud Applications, managing remote workers, ensuring offsite backups, or conducting high-definition video meetings and live streaming, Business broadband and business Fiber broadband ensure seamless, high-speed, and reliable connections. 

Key Features of Broadband Internet Access

Uncontended, symmetric speed Dedicated Internet options.
Scalable, Dedicated Internet options over Ethernet connections.
Access options include: FTTx, Ethernet Switched Access, Wavelengths, and Cross-connects.
Network protection: SLAs, and security operation services.24/7 proactive support.

4G LTE and 5G | Multi-network ready, Mobile Internet

For anywhere, anytime, business on the go, and connectivity fail-over options, fast and easily accessible managed 4G LTE and 5G  connectivity offer enhanced productivity, efficiency, and ease of deployment. Excellent for businesses needing prompt, on-demand connectivity or in difficult-to-access areas, wireless Internet provides distinct benefits over traditional wired connections that can significantly enhance your business operations.

Key Features of 4G LTE/ 5G Wireless Internet Access 

Quick and flexible deployment options
Multi-Operator e-SIM accessibility
Wide geographic footprint with high availability
4G LTE and 5G fixed wireless compatibility
Traffic Segmentation and Prioritization

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