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Fiber optic latency: what is it and how to improve it?

Fiber optic latency: what is it and how to improve it?

Fiber optic latency: what is it and how to improve it?

As a business Internet user, you may expect to have a reliable and fast Internet connection at all times. However, there may be instances when your connection fails or is not up to your expectations. In such cases, it may not be clear to you what causes this issue. One factor that can affect this is fiber optic latency. If you want to learn more about what it is and how to improve it, we invite you to read on.

What is fiber optic latency?

Fiber optic latency is the time it takes for data packets to go from a device to the Internet server to which it is connected to enjoy some activity, such as watching a movie, browsing, playing, or any other activity.

Latency, in perfect conditions, would be 0 seconds. However, the usual thing is that it does exist and is measured in milliseconds. When you have 4G technology, latency is about 20 milliseconds, while if it is 5G it will be below 1 millisecond.

Is latency important? Always, but sometimes it is even more so. For example, it is vital for gaming fans, since when they are playing against other players, if their latency is high, the opponent can anticipate their movements.

What factors influence latency?

To reduce latency time it is essential to address the factors that influence this issue, they are:

  • If you use ADSL or fiber, with the first the latency is much higher.
  • The distance between the two points that try to establish the connection and the intermediate hops through which the data packets pass.
  • The quality of the device from which you connect and the load of the server with which you work.

How to improve latency?

Now that you know what latency is and several important facts on this matter, we want to give you some tricks to improve this issue so that you can enjoy your Internet connection to the fullest:

  • Use a nearby server. Connecting to a nearby server will keep latency low. It indeed depends on your Internet operator, though, if you have problems with your connection, it would be good if you could talk to them about this possibility.
  • Avoid cluttering the data. Try that your Internet connection is transmitting so much data that it takes up a good part of its capacity. When this happens, the data takes longer to arrive and the quality of your network decreases.
  • Software that sends data. Try to disable programs that send data or sync with servers, as this will increase latency.
  • Disable certain programs while you play. If you are playing, it is best to disable programs that use a high number of requests to the Internet, so you will make your connection faster. Also at any other time, the connection does not go well.
  • Use a wired connection. We recommend that when you need the latency to be lower, you connect your device to the Internet through the cable and not through WiFi. You will notice that your connection improves greatly.
  • Check that you don't have other problems. As is evident, there are connection problems that have nothing to do with the latency of your fiber optics. Therefore, if you see that this issue is not going well, it is best that you contact your Internet provider so that they can check whether or not there is any other issue involved in the failures you are having.

Enjoying a good Internet connection is possible, now you know that it is vital that fiber optic latency is low and how to achieve it. Remember that at Voiped we deliver fiber optic connectivity solutions with coverage throughout Europe and beyond.  Contact us without obligation to obtain more information.

Apr 13, 2023

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