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How does SIP trunking work?

How does SIP trunking work?

How does SIP trunking work?

Improving communications is one of the main objectives for most companies. Nowadays, it is not something difficult to achieve, thanks to the many benefits that technology offers. Betting on the right switchboard provides a series of advantages that, when you know them, you will have no doubt that you have made the best decision. From Voiped, as telephony experts, we invite you to discover how SIP trunk works.

SIP trunk how does it work?

Knowing how SIP trunk works is very important for your company. It is a telephone service that provides companies with an endless number of geographically fixed numbers and telephone lines through an IP switchboard and thanks to the Internet connection.

SIP trunk calls work over the Internet and is part of IP telephony. It is currently the one that is recommended to all companies that have a connection to the Network using fiber.

The SIP trunk comes to replace the telephone connections that existed before, such as ISDN and Primary. They do the same job, for a lower price and using the latest technology. Without forgetting that its installation, maintenance, and programming are much easier.

Hiring a SIP trunk is not enough, you have to configure the switchboard with an operator. In our case, we offer you to do it with us, Voiped Telecom.

IP switchboards are used to organize your business telephony. You can have your own extensions, with a route for each outgoing call or with internal routing. In general, you can configure your switchboard according to the needs of your business.

You can choose between an IP switchboard both in the cloud and physical. We recommend the first option since it can be configured in the distance. In any case, always leave the job in expert hands. Otherwise, the result may not be as expected.

In fact, the virtual switchboard offers you the same as the physical one, but the support, maintenance, and all the work that is done is remote and therefore easier. It is the way to get additional benefits. Not to mention that you forget about cables and other uncomfortable solutions on a practical level.

What are the advantages of SIP trunks?

SIP trunk has a number of advantages. Knowing them will leave you in no doubt that it is the option you need, they are these:

  • Expandable channels. You can expand the channels you have at the moment. You just have to contact your provider and the change will be practically instantaneous.
  • No Internet connection cuts. You will be able to serve your customers by phone even if you lose your Internet connection. It has a call service that is protected from this type of problem. Of course, it has to be activated.
  • Security in your calls. Calls are protected at all times. In addition, different levels of security can be added so that you do not run any risk in your communications. Even the switchboard can block calls that it considers dangerous.
  • Global service. With this type of switchboard, you can work both nationally and internationally. Therefore, it can be a fundamental part of the growth of your business.
  • Investment. It is true that installing one of these switchboards involves an initial cost, like any other tool you use in your business, but in a short time, you will have recovered the investment. The savings for your company will be very important.

It is clear that knowing SIP trunk how works can be the first step to turning your communications around. If you want to know the rest of the advantages, get in touch with our team.

Aug 08, 2022

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