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Microsoft Teams Operator Connect - What are the benefits?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect - What are the benefits?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect - What are the benefits?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is the new integration feature of Microsoft Operator Phone. Microsoft Teams cloud-based team collaboration software is one of the most advanced and diverse business communications tools available today.

With Microsoft Operator Connect partners located in 33 countries throughout Europe, and the United States, connecting from a traditional telephone network is just one of the advantages that Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offers to organizations. 

In this article, Voiped Telecom explains how the benefits of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect can provide further value to your organization.

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect features

If you are considering hiring an Operator to connect through Microsoft Teams, these are its primary functions.

  • Microsoft Connect for Microsoft Teams allows you to make calls to mobile or landlines directly from Microsoft Teams using your phone number and a dedicated calling plan that is cheaper for the company.
  • Deployed from a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Microsoft Operator Connect allows you to purchase and assign telephone numbers for your management team or employees that you consider should have a company telephone number.
  • It provides number porting from the telephone provider with which you work.
  • It allows you to identify SPAM calls, as well as reject them instantly to prevent their entry.
  • Natively transfer Teams calls and meetings from the internet to the mobile network with support for Airplay.
  • Microsoft Teams Operator Connect has the option to transcribe and record calls. This function is typically used as a legal record of the call, for example, if verbal contracts are made. Further, its utilities also allow the benefit of leaving records of meetings and being able to consult what was discussed or agreed upon during them.
  • It has a chat for sending messages that can be addressed to a single person or a group.
  • It allows channels for group meetings and teamwork by sharing conversations and files.
  • It has a practical calendar function synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, one that serves as an agenda to connect people before, during, and after a meeting, facilitating the preparation and monitoring of these events.
  • It helps to search for applications already used by the company as well as to find new ones in order to simplify, personalize, and manage work tasks and business management.
  • It allows you to share and edit documents in SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote, from different locations and with maximum security.
  • It allows you to see the activity feed at a glance to check issues such as the meetings of the day, the calls received, or if you have been summoned in a conversation with another member of the team or in a workgroup.


Advantages of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

A clear advantage of selecting Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is its solutions orientation to facilitate business mobility and the great diversity of options available are the two great reasons to choose it for your organization.

Cost Savings: It must be taken into account that the cloud-based solutions of the connector operator for Microsoft Teams drastically reduce the costs related to infrastructures, allowing high economic savings. This also translates into less hassle by being able to dispense physical solutions by selecting cloud solutions. Further, Microsoft Teams Operator Connect facilitates hybrid teams even if they work remotely, from different locations, whether in the same or different company headquarters, outside of it, or teleworking. By natively connecting a large number of countries (the USA and more than 30 countries in Europe) it also reduces costs and makes it easier to connect with employees, partners, partners, and customers who are in any of these places. This facilitates expansion, processes such as internationalization, and the globalization of your organization.

Business Performance: Further, it makes it easy to achieve faster business results thanks to its many features and built-in training support. It is easy to use, very secure, and can be customized with whatever settings you see fit. A notable advantage of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is that it allows you to remove redundant services and increase your cost savings. You can simplify support and eliminate devices, hardware, and lines that you are paying for unnecessarily. At Voiped we can advise you personally on its functions and advantages and show you how you can get the most out of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect in your organization. Ask us and we'll talk.

Why select Voiped Telecom as your Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams partner?

Selecting a partner for Microsoft Teams Operator Connect enables your organization to receive a specialized service to obtain insight into the tools solutions functionalities and ways in which it can add further value to your company.

A partner provides you with the guidance you need to start using Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and familiarize yourself with its different features and uses, in addition to the integration so that your organization can get the most out of it.

Oct 11, 2022

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