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Voiped Telecom officially authorized as CNMC Telecom Operator

Voiped Telecom officially authorized as CNMC Telecom Operator

Voiped Telecom officially authorized as CNMC Telecom Operator

Voiped Telecom today announced its formal registration to The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Spain's independent Authority for enforcing competition law, authorizing Voiped Telecom to practice as an official telecommunications operator in the region.

Gearing up to provide better service to its customers across Spain, Voiped Telecom, with the allocation of a network operating number (NRN), has also joined the Operator Association for Portability (AOP), enabling the multinational to manage number portability for geographic, toll-free, shared cost and premium numbers in Spain.

Through the awarding of unique number ranges, along with direct interconnection to the largest telecommunications operator in Spain, Voiped Telecom is robustly positioned as one of the most competitive telecom operators in the country.

With a long-standing market presence in Europe and a global multidisciplinary technical team, Voiped Telecoms Iberia Country Manager Cristina Elisei said “We have reached a new milestone in Spain with Voiped Telecoms voice services. More than ever, Voiped offers a wide key range of telecom solutions and at a more competitive price, and we continue to adapt to meet the needs that our customers demand.”

Through the granting of a telecommunications operator's license in Spain, Voiped Telecoms Spanish and European customers can expect to see improved service level agreements (SLA) on voice services, backed by the endorsement of Metaswitch's Perimeta session border controller for its global operations.

About Voiped Telecom

Founded in 2008, Voiped Telecom is a European provider of ICT solutions (Information and Communication Technology). With a highly skilled and collaborative team of over 50 engineers, field technicians, and service consultants around the world, Voiped Telecom supports hundreds of customers across Europe to provide excellence in quality and service.
From small to medium-sized companies to public operators and multinational enterprises, Voiped Telecom provides organizations with innovative and agile ICT solutions, tailored to each customer's requirements.

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Nov 02, 2022

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