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What is IXP connectivity?

What is IXP connectivity?

What is IXP connectivity?

The European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) defines an Internet Interconnection (IX) or an Internet Interconnection Point (IXP) as a technical installation that allows the direct exchange of Internet traffic between two or more systems.

With this solution, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), and other network providers can exchange Internet traffic with each other, generally in a neutral way.

By connecting to infrastructure at a port, each network can connect to other peering partner networks and share traffic. 

Voiped is a specialist in IT infrastructure and we offer private IP interconnection services for cross-connections to other available ASN networks.

Through our alliances with the main European operators and Internet interconnections, Voiped offers a series of hybrid connectivity solutions, specific to the needs of your business. The associations of Voiped Telecom include DE-CIX , SPEEDIX , MIX , Linx, and NL-IX.

What are the advantages of remote Internet Peering?

Access to the world's largest IXPs without additional equipment or infrastructure.

Add as many IXPs as you want on your network without the need for additional ports.

Enjoy lower latency in your network and keep your traffic local.

IXP connectivity and membership are managed through the Voiped Telecom peering service.

Get physical presence by having your ASN displayed as the IX instead of your remote location.

Share your bandwidth across multiple locations for full hybrid functionality.

Voiped Telecom establishes a seamless connection to the main network to prioritize your company's Internet traffic and support critical applications, with guaranteed bandwidth.

May 26, 2022

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