Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

Optimize business productivity with Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) consists of an always-on connection for continuous access to the public Internet. Today, companies in Western Europe tend to opt for a Dedicated Internet Connection in business environments that serve mission-critical operations. For any business wanting to thrive in the new digital age, a Dedicated Internet Line is key.

Voiped Telecom is an Internet service provider offering businesses flexible and secure dedicated Internet access in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, and, Ukraine

DIA Internet or Dedicated Internet Access refers to Internet bandwidth that has a private Internet connection between the Internet service provider and the user. Unlike Shared Internet Access, with Dedicated Internet access, the amount of bandwidth a business receives is guaranteed by the Internet service provider through a service level agreement. Because Dedicated Internet access is guaranteed, a business has reliable and streamlined data connectivity and capacity at any time, in other words, the Internet is always on and always running at consistent upload and download speeds.

What are the advantages of Dedicated Internet Access?

Symmetric speed

Download and Upload speeds are always guaranteed at 100Mbps. Fast upload speed is important if your company has, for example, high-volume remote users, cloud applications, or VoIP.

Mission critical connectivity

Future-proof, highly secure, reliable, and resilient connectivity that keeps your business-critical applications up and running by protecting your Internet connectivity against disruption.

Guaranteed SLAs

Stringent SLAs and QoS options guarantee high Internet bandwidth availability with low latency and enable your business to scale bandwidth to meet your business demands.

Private connection

A dedicated, private Internet line that isn't shared with other customers and that delivers your business applications and network traffic the priority they need consistently.

Flexible types of Dedicated Internet connection

Transform your business when you enable Dedicated Internet Access. Businesses in a broad range of markets and industries can improve workflows and productivity with Dedicated Internet Access. Dedicated Internet installation options can vary according to a dedicated fiber Internet, Dedicated Ethernet, Ethernet over Fiber,  or copper Internet connection, typically determined by price and complexity.


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