Voiped Telecom embrace native languages

Voiped Telecom embrace native languages

Voiped Telecom embrace native languages

Increasing adaptability and agility to meet the needs of its International clients, European telecommunications operator, Voiped Telecom, is enriching its commitment to fostering sustainable digital transformation. With 24 official languages in the EU, communicating with clients, partners, and vendors in their native language not only expands the possibilities to provide a more relatable customer experience but may also help to optimize flexibility in access to information and communications technology. According to a recent report by the Commission of European Communities, Brussels, linguistic diversity and investing in language can be a valuable advantage for companies in Europe.

Native languages in an era of diverse business communications

Whilst agile business communications are a pillar of increased business productivity and performance, scientific research suggests that integrating solutions delivery in native languages can help companies to become more flexible and adaptable in their decision-making process. With a prominent industry presence in Europe and a global multidisciplinary technical team, Voiped Telecom delivers customized voice and connectivity solutions to organizations in over 20 countries across Europe, whilst meeting the demand for language accessibility and diversity. With the flexibility to adapt to evolving business requirements, Voiped provides a robustly tailored solutions response that unifies and optimizes service delivery procedures and processes.

“Our commitment to sustainable digital transformation is embraced at every level and with an international scope of clients, evolving by adopting and embracing our native European languages is an important step that will support our steps to connecting people to technology", said Ferry Stienstra, CEO at Voiped Telecom.

Whether through the delivery of the latest VoIP technology and software-defined network services, to superfast fiber optic broadband connectivity and dedicated Internet access solutions, Voiped Telecom provides accessible solutions, pivotal for digital transformation.


About Voiped Telecom

Founded in 2008, Voiped Telecom is a European telecommunications operator with a prominent presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, and Ukraine. Maintained by a highly qualified team of business professionals, Voiped Telecom provides agile and robust Voice and Connectivity solutions, tailored to each company's specific requirements.

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Nov 24, 2022

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